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BOLD is a Bendigo-based, parent driven group. BOLD supports and provides information to those struggling with the demands of a literacy based world, as well as to their families.  We are focussed on community development within a rural setting. We have professional support and links with local and state organisations.

BOLD hosts mornings teas, facilitates information evenings, workshops and professional development.  We have also provided resources to the Goldfields Library.  

BOLD wants to focus on each individual’s strengths and positive qualities.  We encourage a deeper understanding about individual learning styles and encourage the teaching strategies which benefit all learners, especially those who learn differently. 

Please read the stories of Kate DeAraugo and her mother, Sue DeAraugo, which focus on the strengths rather the the challenges associated with a learning difference.

BOLD has an auspice arrangement with St Luke's Anglicare.


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